Online and live competition.

1st-4th July 2023 for Norwegian and international students.  

Announcement of winners 4th July 2023 both for live participation.

Results of online participation will be published some times after the 4th July on our webpage and also sent on e-mail at a later time.

We all are together from start to finish”, quote president Mr. Park.

WBGP Norway is an educational competition where all participants learn and experience throughout the competition. 

Registrations online/live: Open 1st March 2023.

Deadline: 1st June 2023.

Limited spaces available.

General information

1. Online and/or live participation.

Students can participate live or online

or both. You may register in divisions


A) Solo

– one variation from the classical

repertoire with the option of two

variations with a second variation

for finalists.

– one modern/character/folk dance choreography

B) Pas de deux

– one pas de deux (entre/adagio/coda only,

without variations), with the option of a second pas de deux for finalists.

C) Group participation

– one or maximum two

choreographies in the same


a) classical/neoclassical


b) modern/character/folk dance


2. WBGP Norway is open to dance students

of all nationalities age 8-21 years old. For group participation from age 8.

3. Categories are based on dancers age as

of 1st of June 2023.

4. It is available for participants to

participate in WBGP of any regions in

the world to be eligible for the finals which will be announced later.

5. Professional dancers are not permitted

to compete. A professional dancer is

defined as anyone who is employed as

a full-time dancer (Apprentices included)

with a professional dance company.

This includes dancers who are not

currently employed under such a

contract, but have been in the past.


  1. Both online and live participants must register through the webpage and upload their video (both for live and online participation) and music (only for live participation), no later than 1st of June 2023. Copy of the passport or any other documents verifying date of birth of the contestants, ballet photo/dance photo (only of solo/pas de deux participants) must be sent via the application form.
  2. The youtube video of the performance put in the registration will be used in the competition for online participation. In case of pandemics or other circumstances the youtube video for live competitors will be used and switched to online competition.
  3. After completing the registration, including the payment section, you will receive a confirmation email to the email address registered. 
  4. Participants may enter as a soloist (in classical ballet, modern or character/folk dance choreography) and/or in pas de deux and in group choreography with one or two choreographies. Group participants do not need to register as soloists or in pas de deux. 
  5. Soloists in classical ballet and pas de deux participants are obliged to attend in all masterclasses and group routines preparing for the the final Gala. Soloists in modern choreography and group participants (who are not registered as classical soloists) are obliged to attend all the workshops preparing for the final Gala. 
  6. There is limited space, and it will be on a first come, first served basis. If the number of applications is large, we reserves the right not to accept more applications.


  1. Competitors who participate live in Valdres must prepare his/her own-recorded music files for the competition in mp3 for the performance in Valdres. 
  2. Each music track for live competitors must be separated. The music tracks for pas de deux, the entre/adagio and coda, must be separated.
  3. All competitors must sent on a youtube link (one link for each choreography) with recording of their performance for the competition in the registration form. This recording must be filmed at any time from November 2022. 
  4. Live competitors must upload the music file(s) into the registration form, one music track per choreograpy.
  5. The participant is responsible for the sound quality of his/her own music file. WBGP Norway is not responsible for the quality of music.
  6. Each title of the music file must contain the name of the participant, the title of the choreography, title of the music and with ON or OFF describing if the dancer starts ON or OFF stage.
  7. A competitor should bring additional music file in backup during competition.

Solo/pas de deux participation


Pre-Junior (A)


Only Solo

Pre-Junior (B)


Only Solo

Junior (A)


Only Solo

Junior (B)


Solo or Pas de Deux

Senior (A)


Solo or Pas de Deux

Senior (B)


Solo or Pas de Deux

  1. Participants can register with a classical solo (one variation free of choice from the classical repertoire with the possibility for a second variation in the finals), or a modern/character/folk dance solo (only one choreography). 
  2. Participants can register for pas de deux (only entre/adagio and coda) from the age of 15 in the division junior B, senior A and B. Pre-Junior A, B, Junior A can not participate in pas de deux/duett. 
  3. All participants will be judged individually regardless of solo or pas de deux.
  4. Non-competing partner is allowed to dance for competing partner in pas de deux.
  5. For live participation: It is obligatory that participants in classical ballet (solo or pas de deux) attend in all master classes, performance rehearsals with group routines, and final Gala. For participants who only do modern, there will be modern classes. This way we are all together from the start to the end.
  6. Participants in classical solo/pas de deux/duett can choose any variation from the classical ballet repertoire. However, the chosen variations should be appropriate from the viewpoint of the age and technique level of participants. Each soloist participate with one solo, optional with a second variation for the finalists in Junior B, Senior A and B. The chosen variations should be appropriate from the viewpoint of the age and technique level of participants.

Group participation

  1. Group participation is divided into three age categories, age 8-12, age 13-16, age 17-21, with two divisions:  1: ballet/neoclassical choreography and/or 2: modern/character/folkdance choreography. The age category is defined by the oldest contestant in the group.
  2. Group participation can be with two or more dancers pr group. 
  3. Soloists/pas de deux participants can also register for group participation.
  4. Group participants can register in one or maximum two choreographies in the same division or one of each of the two divisions. Example: Two ballet/neoclassical choreographies or one classical/neoclassical choreography and one modern/character/folkdance choreography.
  5. Group participants are obliged to participate in all workshops with preparations for the final Gala. Soloists in classical ballet/pas de deux participants will not participate in the workshops as they are obliged to participate in the masterclasses and group routines for the final Gala.


Competitors must wear their own costumes and make-up, suitable for the choreography, both for semi finals and finals. 


8-10 Year olds (Pre-junior A): Soft ballet shoes required for competition for these divisions. Pointe shoes are not permitted.

10-11 Year olds (Pre-junior B): Option to wear soft ballet shoes or pointe shoes for this age division 

From age 13 – (junior A, B, Senior A and B): Pointe shoes required for competition for soloists/pas de deux participation in these age divisions for all female participants.


Candidate can choose to wear foot thongs, half soles, barefoot, ballet shoes, pointe shoes or character shoes.

Time limit

A competitor who surpasses the required time limit will receive a scoring penalty or disqualification from the competition, depending upon the decision of the judging panel.

•Ballet solos: Time limit must not exceed of 3:00 minutes

• Modern solos: Time limit must not exceed of 3:00 minutes

• Pas de deux: Only entre/adagio and coda

Group choreographies: Time limit per choreography: 4 min: 2-9 dancers. 10 min: from 10 dancers.

Live participation

All participants will have their master classes, rehearsals, competition, workshops, final Gala live 1st-4th July 2023.

Online participation with video recording

Participants have to send video on youtube links (one link for each choreography) with video recording of the performance for the competition. The recording has to be filmed at any time during from 1st of November 2022.

The recording can be filmed in any space indoor or outdoor on a performance, in a studio or other events/venues, with or without costumes, provided that the footage has clean view and clear sound.

The body of the dancers must be clearly and fully visible throughout the filming all the time with no special effects allowed in the footage.

The video must be one recording shot and not multiple recordings edited together.

Studio, school, company’s logos are allowed in dancers’ videos.


Participants fee with one entry as a soloist, pas de deux or in groups includes:

Master classes, rehearsals with group routines for the final Gala:  250 euro per contestant.

For a second, third, fourth etc entry as a soloist, in pas de deux or in groups: pluss 30 euro pr entry per contestant.

All group contestants will be registrated in one registration form, and the payment is done through one total sum that adds up all contenstants for the one

registration of group choreography.

The registration fees does not include expences for travel, accommodation, food, visa etc.


Participants fee with one entry as a soloist, pas de deux or in groups:

One entry 50 euro choreography/per contestant

Second, third, fourth etc entry as a soloist, pas de deux or in groups: 20 euro per contenstant/per choreography

World Ballet Grand Prix Norway Grenseveien 32A, 0571 Oslo

Account number: 6072 05 28641

IBAN number: NO65 6072 0528 641



Nordea Bank Abp, filial in Norway, Address: Essendrops gate 7, 0368 Oslo, Norway.