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Guidelines for publishing photos and films of children

As regards publication of photos and films of the participants, on websites, in social media and in other publications, it is important to respect children and young people’s integrity and right to privacy.
Some may have special reasons for not wanting to be photographed.
In some cases, photo sharing can have unfortunate consequences.
It is good practice to always ask permission before taking the picture or video.
The main rule is that consent must always be obtained from everyone who can be directly or indirectly identified in the images or film before they are published.
If those depicted are under the age of 15, consent must be obtained from both the child him-/herself and the guardian.
Unwanted publication can lead to liability for damages and criminal liability according to the Copyright Act.

1. Before a picture or film is published, consent must be obtained from everyone in the picture, and from their guardian if the children are under 15 years of age.
2. When obtaining consent to publish images and films, a consent form should be used. Only active consent can provide a basis for publishing images and films.
3. If a child does not want pictures or films to be published, they must override their parents’ wish for publication.
4. Be aware of the situations in which photos or films are taken. Care must be taken when taking photographs of scantily clad children.
Ballet dress or costume is not defined as lightly dressed. Moderation must be shown with the use of full names.
5. If a consent is withdrawn, pictures and films that have been published must be deleted.
You can read more about pictures of children online at
On dub, you can read more about children and young people's privacy and how to proceed if photos should end up astray:

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